Who We Are

We, at New Age Aluminium Industries Sdn. Bhd., established in 2008, are driven by our “All-in-One: Design, Extrude and Deliver” aluminium extrusion solutions strategies to support our customers' needs for the long-term growth and success. Over the years, we have grown our business and reputation in the aluminium manufacturing market and industry.

New Age Aluminium is built with passion by a group of highly experienced people. We are always ready to meet our customers‘ needs and provide them with top quality customizations. Our business support comprises of our well-trained staff and a comprehensive in-house tool and die, fabrication and extrusion facilities.

With the advent of technology using both software and hardware, New Age Aluminium is able to deliver a fast, efficient and end-to-end service support to our customers. We ensure superior quality in all of our products. Our motto of “We Shape Your Ideas” makes it possible, for all our customers‟ need to do is to provide us with their ideas and leave the rest to us. We design, test and manufacture to transform our customers' ideas into a tangible product finishing reality.
New Age Aluminium supplies an extensive range of aluminium extrusion products to both local and international markets. These products include standard extrusion profiles, customized extrusion profiles, fabricated products and engineering parts. The multiple industries and markets that we deal with covers:
  • Engineering
  • Building, Construction and Architecture
  • Transportation and Recreational Vehicles
  • Marine, Oil and Gas
  • Electrical Solar and Semi-Conductor
  • Conveyor and Linear Motion
  • Thermal Break Extrusion Profiles Fabrication
  • Air Conditioners
  • Medical Instruments
  • Office Partition, Furniture and Equipment
  • Kitchen Cabinet and Household Products
  • Ladder and Climbing Tools
  • Consumer Durable Extrusion Profiles

Our History

Our story started in year 2000 when Splendid Marketing Sdn. Bhd., a trading and marketing company was founded. Our company produced aluminium billets and flat sheets during the first few years.


After several years, our founders soon realized that business diversification was vital. Hence, they started venturing into the aluminium extrusion arena to capture its niche market demand for customizable and innovative extrusion profiles.


They understood how important it was to be flexible to fulfil their customers‟ needs and this led to the setting up of their Tool and Die facility in 2003. “It was a tough yet an exciting journey”, said one of our founders.


In 2006, the company expanded its business into aluminium fabrication in which New Age Resources was established. From providing fabricating aluminium fittings to creating aluminium ladders, it was as if "everything was possible‟.


As the demand for aluminium extrusion market started to grow, that was when the founders agreed on the need to set up an aluminium manufacturing company. The global financial crisis in 2008 coupled with the lack of workers in the early stages did not slow down the progress of New Age Aluminium. Our founders learnt from ground up when they had to hands-on themselves from sales to production.


Over the years, New Age Aluminium has managed to overcome all odds by adopting the approach of dare to “be bold, be different”. Thus, New Age Aluminium has achieved a phenomenal growth in less than 10 years.


Today, we pride ourselves as a market leader in customized aluminium extrusions solutions and our timely fulfilment deliveries.

Our Mission

To “Shape your Ideas” by assisting our customers in exploring possibilities to improve their aluminium extrusion profiles with the latest designs and quality yet cost effective and with timely deliveries.

Our Vision

To become one of the best aluminium extrusion companies that satisfies our customers' expectations. We strive to grow our business by developing long-term business relationships with our customers with integrity and sustainability. We will continue to improve our facilities and skills to keep up with the latest industrial trends and technology.

Planning Management Control System

The foundation of our success is to make use of our planning management control system data which keeps track of our customers' urgent requirement ranging from drawing confirmations, order confirmations, extrusions, fabrication, surface treatment, quality control and packing. This enables us to deliver our products efficiently.

Our Core Values

  • We are dedicated to deliver the best customized aluminium extrusion products to our customers. We insist on top quality products as which are reliable, sustainable and long-lasting.
  • We value our services to our customers. This is why we understand how important it is to provide full assistance right from enquiries to after-sales-service.
  • We constantly improve the standards of efficiency of our facilities and skills in order to meet our customers’ requirement.
  • We continuosly research and experiment new products. Being innovative helps us to keep up in touch with the latest industry trends and technology.
  • We strongly believe in business integrity, as this not only builds a strong relationship between our customers and us, it also builds credibility and reputation for mutual long term gains.